Welcome! I am so glad you’ve found your way here. Ready to deconstruct?

The Escort: Deconstructed podcast is an informal discourse created and hosted by one passionate escort hoping to abolish the stigma associated with escorting, and sex work by shedding light on the infinite spectrum that is sexual liberation.

The goal of this podcast is to enable and encourage society to no longer abstractly generalize escorts to be individuals lacking agency, possessing mental problems, battling drug addictions, or afflicted with sexual diseases. This podcast exists to show solidarity for all those enduring consequences as a result of being associated with the label of ‘escort’. This podcast promotes sexual liberation and offers otherwise inaccessible information to anyone eager to be enlightened about the realities of escorting.

To attain these goals, this podcast deconstructs who an escort, and client, actually are and how they are currently regarded within society, through discussions of first-hand, unaltered experiences. Hearing personal experiences presents as the most useful education when exploring any topic.

It is important to note that no one is speaking on behalf of anyone else associated with the label of escort. There is an enormous emphasis placed on getting to know who each guest is to highlight that those associated with the label of escort are not a ‘certain kind’ of person. Every guest is attesting to their own personal experience and contributing to the continual deconstruction of the label, while simultaneously adding to the infinite spectrum that is sexual liberation. Abolishing the stigma placed on each guest by understanding their experiences can also help improve working conditions, including mental health and safety issues, facing all those affected by the label of escort.

This podcast is an attempt at a verbal snapshot of what it means to be associated with the label of escort in the 21st century. Listeners can draw their own conclusions as to their personal place within the spectrum of sexual liberation. I am proud of every escort’s independent accomplishments and outstanding resilience. I want to help everyone else see what I see. I dislike the label of ‘escort’ entirely, or any label for that matter, hence the desire to deconstruct it.

Escorts are only one of many versions of sexually liberated individuals seeking compensation for their time, and embody just one part of an enormous industry broadly labeled ‘the sex work industry’. Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are individuals within the sex work industry who are enslave, and lacking proper rights. The enslavement of any individual, for any purpose, goes against everything this podcast stands for. By broadcasting the experiences of sexually liberated individuals the de-stigmatizing all sex work can truly begin, which will facilitate the liberation of all individuals.

Let the deconstruction begin!